mecapack rollstock and tray sealers

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Established: 1947

Pouzauges, France


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S-1000 Semi Automatic Tray Sealer


Mecapack is recognized as an international leader for their high quality Thermoforming and Tray Sealing equipment.

Industries served include Pharmaceutical, Food, Consumer Products, other. 

Mecapack offers a robust innovative design that includes the most efficient changeover in the industry, saving significant time and money while optimizing throughput. 

Spare parts are non proprietary, and controls architecture is open. These points allow for maximum flexibility and options, again, saving significant time and money while optimizing throughput. 


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EP 9000 Thermoformer for filling and dosing, with CIP. Ideal for yogurt, cheese, creams, jams, honey.. etc


Technical sales S-1000-mecapack

S1000 Semi Auto Tray Sealer

technical sales, Mecapack O-5000 Automatic Tray Sealer

O2-5000 Automatic Tray Sealer


Technical sales, Mecapack S-3000-DP Automatic Tray Sealer

S-3000-DP Automatic Tray Sealer

Technical Sales, Mecapack fs-950 rollstock machine

FS-950 high speed automatic Thermoformer