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Established: 1919


Somerset, New Jersey


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RFPC Fill Plug Cap


Cozzoli Machine Company is a global leader in design, manufacture, and service of precision cleaning, sterilizing, filling, and closing systems serving aseptic/ non aseptic Pharmaceutical, Biotech, BioPharma, Animal Health.

Cozzoli offers inline or rotary filling with piston, peristaltic pump, diaphragm pump or time pressure technology.

Our machines handle a broad range of container shapes and fill viscosities from aqueous to heavy creams. Choose continuous or intermittent motion, stand alone or monoblock configuration.

Every Cozzoli filler provides unmatched ease of container handling and change-over. Our fillers perform with consistent accuracies of +/- 0.5% per fill volume, or better.

It is encouraged and recommended to send your product with containers to Cozzoli for in-house lab testing. This will mitigate risk and ensure your expectations are met.

Cozzoli is your complete source for individual components through fully integrated lines, including RABS, Laminar Flow.


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FSV50 Mini Monoblock intermittent vial filling stoppering up to 50 ppm


Technical Sales Cozzoli F400X-SS Table Top Fill

F400X-SS Table Top Filler

Technical Sales Cozzoli f329 hypack syringe fill

F-329 Syringe Filler

Technical Sales Cozzoli washing and sterilizing

Vial Washing and Sterilizing

Inline Powder Filler

Cozzoli Inline Powder Filler

CR 200/400 continuous motion rotary vial filling and stoppering up to 400 vpm